Fadermover™ is a pocket sized box that can record up to 12 minutes of midi fader movements (midi data streams). Recorded fader tracks can be assigned to 4 MIDI pads and played on a hit or via ribbon pad.

In / Out / Storage:

1 x USB 2.0

1 x Midi In

4 x Midi Outs

1 x Ribbon Pad

1 x MIDI fader

4 x MIDI Pads

1 x Storage / SD-Card

1 x ROM-OS


Tempo, Status, Controller, Midi-Channel, Additional Information


on / off / play / pause / stop / record / left / right / up / down / enter / etc

The built in MIDI-fader feels smooth and solid. Use it to create and record your own fader movements and for live control of an external MIDI device. All pads and faders can be assigned to MIDI Controllers. External Midi-Sync as well as manual and tap control of tempo is possible.

Speed variation, quantizing and humanizing is possible. Multi-channel playback and recording of Midi-Data is possible. The uniqueness of Fadermover™ comes with its miniaturized, mobile User-Interface and its focus on controller-data.

Factory Presets include all kinds of fades strobe, interference and many other curves. With your Fadermover you can play up to 16 factory or user controller movements by simply hitting one of the four pads. By sliding the ribbon pad, you can move start- and endpoints of controller movements live, on the fly.

Fadermover™ comes with a superb choice of predefined Fadermoves for four applications: Musician, DJ, VJ, Light-Artist, there are 4 x 50 predefined fadermoves from mathematically perfect curves to human created fader movements.

Fadermover™ is a standalone MIDI hardware device, 9V battery or power adaptor driven, including a SD Storage Card with our factory selection of high resolution fadermoves.

Fadermover™ opens new frontiers to sound- and light-artists everywhere. Presets can easily be transferred to Mac or PC.

Fadermover™ is unique on the market, a combination of live-performance box and sophisticated functions nowadays only found on Notebook- and Desktop-Systems.

Fadermover™ is a new product concept by Georg Heunoske.


Please E-Mail to heunoske[at]wwwpro.de or call me at: ++ 49 / + 177 / 4633996.